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         VerticalSuite technology enables users to design, customize, deploy, and integrate database
         applications over the Internet without writing or generating any software code. License the
         VerticalSuite Designer or have our configuration factory build your application in record-
         breaking time.



The VerticalSuite technology is the first and only data-centric service for the next generation of dynamic, on-demand web applications. VerticalSuite's revolutionary service-based architecture enables users to create and deploy custom applications in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Unlike conventional web development tools, VerticalSuite is a full-featured application environment that can be used with virtually any database for any business process.

VerticalSuite's ready-made application interface dynamically generates data entry forms, reports and worklists from your database, without generating any code. VerticalSuite separates the application from the code that runs it by embodying the application in data, providing a unique and powerful way to quickly create custom applications from any database.


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